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Imagine yourself – consistently feeling and functioning at your best.

Your mind is clear, calm, focused and productive.

You are living from a wellspring of ease, creativity and joy.

Life feels and flows so much better.

AND as a Certified Psychological Fitness Specialist

helping others make this their reality as well.

Our 8-week online Psychological Fitness Specialist Training course will teach you how.

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Enrollment opens Sept 14. Training commences Sept 28.

Psychological Fitness Training is a groundbreaking approach to upgrading the human mind and unlocking potential.

At its heart is the PF5 framework:

Waking Up. Powering Up. Cleaning Up. Growing Up. Showing Up.

Our program is especially well-suited to Coaches, therapists, health/fitness professionals, yoga instructors, personal trainers, mindfulness teachers, educators, counselors, mentors and corporate trainers.

Many students also engage with it for their own development.

Upon completion of this training course you will have the knowledge and practices to help yourself and others

Skillfully manage stress, habits, emotions, perceptions and belief systems in ways that lead to an optimal state of wellbeing and effectiveness.

Skillfully manage stress, habits, emotions, perceptions and belief systems in ways that lead to an optimal state of wellbeing and effectiveness.

Reduce psychological distress, anxiety, fear, anger, restlessness, discontentment, self-criticism and self-sabotage.

Reduce psychological distress, anxiety, fear, anger, restlessness, discontentment, self-criticism and self-sabotage.

Open into a natural flow of clarity, wisdom, joy, aliveness, spaciousness, ease, intuitive knowing and compassion on-demand.

Open into a natural flow of clarity, wisdom, joy, aliveness, spaciousness, ease, intuitive knowing and compassion on-demand.

Resolve unhealthy habits, compulsions and addictions in ways that move Clients toward true autonomy and inner freedom.

Resolve unhealthy habits, compulsions and addictions in ways that move Clients toward true autonomy and inner freedom.

Create and sustain high levels of energy, focus and effectiveness to avoid overwhelm, exhaustion and deteriorating health.

Create and sustain high levels of energy, focus and effectiveness to avoid overwhelm, exhaustion and deteriorating health.

Become free from reactivity, unhelpful stories, limiting beliefs, recycled thoughts, resentments, stuck emotional charge, false identities, 'shoulds' and 'should nots.'

Become free from reactivity, unhelpful stories, limiting beliefs, recycled thoughts, resentments, stuck emotional charge, false identities, 'shoulds' and 'should nots.'

Previous students LOVED the Psychological Fitness Specialist Training Program

100% emerged with a greater sense of ease, confidence and wellbeing

98% stated the course exceeded their expectations

98% highly recommend Psychological Fitness Training

97% felt less stressed, tense and anxious

100% anticipate applying what they learned to their Client work

Our training program delivers incredible results

Learn from Dr. Mark Atkinson, MBBS1

Learn from Dr. Mark Atkinson, MBBS

medical doctor, human potential teacher, creator of Psychological Fitness Training and founder of the Psychological Fitness Academy & the Human Potential Institute

Easy-to-Learn Mind & Awareness Practices 2

Easy-to-Learn Mind & Awareness Practices

to help Clients work with their mind, energy and habits in ways that lead to greater freedom, insight, wellbeing and effectiveness.

Develop an Additional Revenue Stream3

Develop an Additional Revenue Stream

by offering Psychological Fitness Training sessions to your Clients and/or incorporating what you learn to raise your professional effectiveness.

Become a pioneer and innovator4

Become a pioneer and innovator

by graduating as one of the world’s first Certified Psychological Fitness Specialists and bringing this life-expanding approach to others.

Join An Incredible Community5

Join An Incredible Community

Imagine being connected to a community of inspiring human beings who are committed to actualizing their potential and helping others do the same.

How it works

Psychological Fitness Specialist Training is

8 weeks




SEPT 2020


8 Modules




Week One: Foundations of Psychological Fitness

Psychological Fitness starts with learning to shift into optimal mind (Presence) and attune to its innate qualities such as joy, aliveness, stillness, peace, calm, spaciousness and compassion. This alone is revelatory and transformational for many.

Then from optimal mind the next step is to engage in an experiential process designed to evoke an upgrade in your operating system from personal mind to optimal mind. From the freedom and awareness of the interconnected optimal mind you learn to live, allowing the wisdom, creativity, compassion, courage and unlimited potential of life to effortlessly emerge through you into the World.

In this module you will learn:

  • About Psychological Fitness Training, the process of accessing optimal mind and upgrading the bodymind operating system from personal mind to optimal mind.
  • About the three levels of mind and the four underlying drivers of Psychological Fitness.
  • How to assess and track Psychological Fitness.
  • About Be Unlimited — the cross-training system that powers Psychological Fitness.

Week two: Waking Up

There is one practice, if your Clients master, that will radically transform them and their life. This ongoing practice the foundation of Psychological Fitness Training. It is the practice of consciously attuning to optimal mind/aware Presence, the ever-present, natural state of being in which we feel alive, awake and aware, centered, connected and clear. When we are aligned with aware Presence (versus the familiar, contracted egoic-narrative mind) life feels and flows so much better. We are allowing the best of us to meet the needs and possibilities of the present moment — effortlessly. Aware Presence is the master key to waking up, unlocking our potential and accessing inner wisdom.

In this module, Dr. Mark will teach you how to help you and your Clients:

  • Restore the felt experience of aware Presence and inner freedom on-demand.
  • Identify (and shift out of) the conditioned behaviors and surface mindstates that are keeping them limited, stressed and closed from the intelligent flow of life.
  • Welcome and work with Reality in ways that lead to enhanced vitality, fulfillment and better decisions.
  • Shift out of unhelpful stories and dramas on-demand and into the sanity, and clear-seeing of aware Presence.
  • Upgrade from a thought-based operating system to awareness-based operating system and by doing so accelerate the unfolding of their best self and highest future.
  • Enhance their psychological wellbeing through a series of powerful daily morning and evening rituals.

Week three: Powering Up

Energy-on-tap. Aliveness. Vitality. This can become your Clients’ reality, once they develop competency in one of the foundational skills for Psychological Fitness — energy management. Having ample biological energy available to us through self-care and effective energy management, and using that energy with integrity and from aware Presence unlocks authentic power, an unlimited wellspring of inner aliveness and wellbeing. In this game-changing module you will learn how to help you and your Clients:

  • Systematically take control of the psycho-biological influences on our sense of aliveness and vitality.
  • Sustain energy levels over time by consciously cycling between periods of intense activity/focus and renewal and relaxation.
  • Use food and nutrition to make positive changes in mood, energy and focus.
  • Harness the body’s hybrid metabolic nature in a way that prioritizes the burning of fat for energy and unhooks you from carbohydrate dependency. The result? Cravings and body fat percentage go down. Physical energy and mental clarity go up.
  • Develop a powerful practice for activating your body’s innate ability to release stress and tension and access an underlying sense of wellbeing and aliveness.
  • Understand which supplements will help activate untapped brain energy to work smarter and think faster.
  • Learn about the hacks to supercharge your brain, energy and performance.

Week four: Cleaning Up

Integral to the process of upgrading and optimizing the human mind is the process of Cleaning Up. Specifically to create a physical environment that supports (not undermines) our health, energy and performance (easy to do) and an inner psychological environment that allows our potential to unfold (quite challenging, but we will show you how!). In this module Dr. Mark will teach you how to help your Clients:

  • Identify their personal kryptonite, the beliefs and influences (past and present) that habitually pull you out of aware Presence – and what to do about them.
  • Welcome and work with their inner experience (thoughts, emotions and sensations) in a revolutionary way that will liberate energy, wellbeing and clarity.
  • Master a deeply liberating process for experiencing total self-acceptance, including acceptance of their physical body.
  • Let go of anything that gets in the way of experiencing their inner freedom and deep fulfillment.
  • Implement a simple, daily self-care practice designed to release the accumulation of tension and resentment. Clients love the wellbeing and freedom that comes with this!
  • Align with, versus resist and control, the flow of life.

Week five: Growing Up

Bring to mind at least one or two habits or behaviors that you would like to change or delete. We all have ones in serious need of upgrading — what are yours? Do you struggle with keeping commitments and/or find that your focus and energy are being hijacked by distraction, compulsion or addiction? Have you discovered that motivation is not the key to sustainable change? The answer is almost certainly yes; this is a challenge for everyone, including our Clients. And that is why we have dedicated a module to the process of upgrading behaviors and habits. In this module Dr. Mark will teach you how to help Clients:

  • Systematically upgrade their habits and behaviors that undermine health, integrity or performance.
  • Take charge of the habit creation process — it is easier than we tend to think!
  • Welcome and work with the personas of their ego-complex (especially the perfectionist and inner critic) in ways that free up massive amounts of energy and clarity.
  • Welcome all of the disowned aspects of their psyche, and by doing so initiate an auto-upgrade process to their personality structure and function. This is a profound and life-changing process.
  • Transform and upgrade their relationships and way of relating.
  • Identify their patterns around success, money, health, weight, emotions and relationships, and upgrade them to ones they want.

Week six: Showing Up

Ultimately life is about showing up — engaging with Reality from awareness, responding consciously with integrity. When we commit to using our inner and outer challenges as a Gateway into aware Presence it changes everything. The way we experience and perceive ourselves and our life situation shifts. We tap into a natural source of responsiveness and resourcefulness from which effectiveness flows. We come to realize that for most of our life we have been asleep. We were not in charge — our conditioning, unconsciousness and our environment were in charge of us.

In this module Dr. Mark will teach you how to support your Clients in:

  • Working with their inner/outer challenges in ways that illuminate and transform.
  • Discovering a perspective on what their life purpose and gifts are.
  • Moving toward active surrender, and how to embrace its transformational potency.
  • Continuing to show up, wake up and trust in life’s infinite intelligence.
  • Transforming the way they are in relationships and learning how to listen deeply and see the ‘other’ clearly.
  • Connecting with others and creating mutually supportive and empowering relationships as one of the keys to them flourishing.
  • Embodying, living and exploring life as aware Presence, from optimal mind.

Week seven: Working with Clients

It’s time to integrate everything that you have learned, experienced and discovered so far!

In this module Dr. Mark will:

  • Walk you through the entire Psychological Fitness intake process.
  • Guide you through the Psychological Fitness book of practices.
  • Discuss and offer solutions to potential challenges/issues that you might encounter along the way.
  • Provide you with tips and suggestions for optimizing the effectiveness of your work with Clients.

Week eight: Applied Psychological Fitness

In this module Dr. Mark focuses on how you can take the principles and practices of Psychological Fitness and apply them to your specific personal and professional situation by providing:

  • Instructions for using Psychological Fitness principles to move Clients towards optimal health, self-actualization and high-performance.
  • Tips for working with Clients with challenges relating to alarm/fear, low confidence, ‘problems’, relational issues and compulsive behaviors.
  • The master keys to becoming an effective and successful Psychological Fitness Specialist.
  • Suggestions for marketing and communicating the value of your Psychological Fitness services.
  • Guidelines for professionalism, ethics and conduct.
  • Structure for supporting Clients going through the online Be Unlimited course.
  • Steps to apply for Specialist status.

“I highly recommend this course for anyone who is interested in a rare to find, comprehensive, effective and systematically intimate approach to optimizing the health & performance of their mind, body, spirit whilst journeying a pathway that potentiates an ever clearer, lighter level of consciousness and Life.”

“Dr. Mark’s delivery is authentic, strong, gentle and enjoyable. His communication felt richly infused with effortless awareness and presence throughout the duration of the live calls and presentations.”

“The course content was very well constructed and the delivery platform was really user-friendly making for easy to follow participation and progression. But as Dr. Mark would say, ‘That’s not for you to believe, that’s for you to experience.’”

Not 100% sure? Read These Graduate Testimonials :)

“To say that the tools learned in this course are helpful is honestly an incredible understatement. They are radically life changing. In fact, prior to taking Dr. Mark’s course, I was only partially living life. Now I am experiencing life from an amazingly beautiful and peaceful place called, presence. Thank you so much Dr. Mark, I am forever changed and inspired to lead others to the land of true living!!”

“The best course ever. This training is by far my best investment in time and money! The combination of the practice exercises released each week with live calls was exactly what I need it. This training just changed my life. I am living guided by my deepest commitment and I am doing everything from the openness and spaciousness of awareness. It is helping me to stay strong, be grateful and have joy during the present moments. I am joyful and I will be carrying this knowledge for the rest of my life.

“Working with Dr. Mark throughout the Psychological Fitness Specialist training has profoundly shifted the way I perceive life. His guidance has inspired me to allow life to move through me with grace and given me the tools to accept, integrate and let go of things from the past. Allowing life to flow moment by moment and grounding me in the present. The practices within this training have brought me home to myself. I am forever grateful. I consider this training the ultimate life upgrade to date.

“I WAS so over the moon about how personal and in depth this course was. I believe the videos each week was a game-changer. Feeling Dr. Mark Atkinson’s energy, facial expressions really made it easy for me to be “present” The course, the material, the organization was just impeccable. The fact that we were able to do it on our own pace made it even better- I would highly recommend this course to anyone that is committed to LIVE and embody these teachings. I look forward to working with him again.”

“My experience working with Dr. Mark Atkinson has being crucial for my growth as a Coach, as a mother, and professional. The sense of awareness I have obtain through his insight and exercises are priceless. I have experienced wholeness and a deep understanding of my deepest commitment. Letting life unfolds before me, not resisting but flowing and allowing life through me has make my experience with adversity a learning experience, an opportunity to see light when I thought there was just darkness. Learning to BE in the ocean rather than to think I want to swim has being eye opening. Thank you.”

“This is one of the best self-development courses I’ve ever taken, and I’ve taken lots including the year long course of becoming a Human Potential Coach. This course help reconnect me with what’s really important…Presence. I’ve also used some of the techniques such as shifting with my six year old son, and it has had a tremendous positive impact and effect on our relationship.”

“The Psychological Fitness Specialist training course exceeded my expectation beyond words. The experience is life changing. I’m amazed at how the thought provoking lessons thought by Dr. Mark Atkinson has transformed my mindset in all regards of my life, not just fitness.”

“Psychological health and fitness is the core foundation to greater wellbeing, happiness and following your true purpose. I count Dr. Mark Atkinson as my mentor and guide on this journey and would wholeheartedly recommend his work to anyone interested in personal development.

“The course with Mark is truly life changing and in my opinion, it should be compulsory for anybody who is working in the coaching/therapy scene. I had previously done a significant amount of inner work but Mark takes it to another level. The concept of present moment awareness is probably familiar to most people (e.g. mindfulness), however what it really means in reality was somewhat unclear to me. Finding comfort and reassurance in not knowing exactly where I’m going or what is supposed to happen next in my life is incredibly liberating. It has always been this “ideal” for me to “achieve” but I never had the tools to do so. I now feel confident that I do! Finding joy in my actual living of my story that is life, rather than listen to what my mind has to say about it is a tremendous gift. Thank you, Mark!”

“Dr. Mark is a magician! Love the way he sinks into the moment with his students and attunes to them. His emphasis on embodiment is crucial to any Presencing practice. Thank you!”

“Dr. Mark is just amazing, I am really fortunate and this is not the first course I am taking with him, and I can tell you that is something that really change your live and the way that you see the world. I really can recommend this course, Is a life changer, the best investment of you money, for you and for your business.”

“This was a fantastic next step for me, as I just graduated from the Human Potential Institute coaching program. It really highlighted a lot of key area from the coaching program and allowed me to integrate my coaching skills while going much deeper on a lot of topics that will allow me to be a more impactful Coach for my Clients.”

“This training course is a must. My take aways from this train goes mountains beyond valleys to list. The world could be a better place if this course was mandated into school curriculum. I highly recommend this course.

“Dr. Mark is a man with a deep commitment to helping people awaken to the truth of who they are. The tools and practices he offers as designed to effectively and efficiently lead people home. I have gained so much from my work with him and remain deeply grateful for having walked some of the way together in this lifetime.”

“The training had great content and practices for the course. The techniques were quick, simple and powerful. Dr Mark has a velvet touch in presenting the material and his openness allows trust and “Presence” 🙂

“From the first week I knew I had found something incredibly special in the content of the course, but also in Dr. Mark’s way of teaching. I applied it as I went along and could feel and see immediate benefits in my own confidence but also in how people interacted with me.

“This is a master course in not only how to teach, but how to learn, to work with your thoughts and emotions instead of fighting or denying them. I highly recommend this to anyone, Coach or not, who wants to free themselves and break through to a new level of both consciousness and living.”

“I was honored to continue my training under Dr. Mark as a Psychological Fitness Specialist. His passion for this work resonates in every piece of the learning material. I was easily able to grasp the content myself and appreciated the deep dive into being able to teach this to others. 100% recommendation for not only those looking to teach others, but also for those who are looking to tap into a deeper version of themselves. Thank you Sir for your out of this world greatness.”

“There are many programs that try and teach ways to achieve higher levels of consciousness where increased human functioning is possible but as far as I know the Psychological Fitness training is the only program that instructs people on the experiential level, circumventing the head where humans tend to get stuck. It’s brilliant really, but it is for you to experience :)”

“The Psychological Fitness Specialist training went beyond my expectations which were already high after studying with Dr. Mark in the past. Not only are the practices changing my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined 8 weeks ago, but they are already supporting my work with others in the community! Dr. Mark is a true creative and shows up to teach his students with total aware Presence. I think I can speak for most students when I say he captivated our hearts as he skillfully nudged our curiosity with his ongoing energy, joyful demeanor and loving spirit. I hope to bring his groundbreaking work where it is needed most…everywhere!”

“Dr. Mark is out of this world. I had an opportunity to train under him as a Certified Human Potential Coach and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to continue my learning as a Psychological Fitness Specialist. I now have a deeper sense of awareness and meaning moment by moment. This training has taught me how to pick up on every aspect of life without judgement and free from thought. I am much more accepting, forgiving and feel healed from things that I didn’t even know were hurting prior to this course.

“Dr. Mark takes you away in this course into a process of deep embodiment so that you can teach yourself and then others how to incorporate these practices in your life. The practices are a gift too oneself. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to uplevel, get rid of stress and anxiety and old patterns of thought and being that have kept them feeling trapped.”

“I have done a lot of learning these last several years. This was by far the most engaging, impactful and shareable course I have ever participated in. I am looking forward to being a part of passing Dr. Mark’s vision along to my corner of the world.”

“I can’t even quite remember 2 months ago how I found this course exactly, only that I was looking for something. I am filled with gratitude and thanks that I went through this course. It is simply profound. I feel this is something every person on earth should go through and experience. I am filled with joy about life and can’t thank Dr. Mark enough. I can’t wait to reach the levels that Dr. Mark has attained. It is my life’s mission now.”

“There is nothing for you to do. No effort or striving. We are human beings using our body-mind as vehicle to live in aware Presence. This has been an unbelievably profound experience as this training reveals to you who you really are and how to not make a problem out of your conditioning and reactivity but to allow your state of consciousness to shift and allow you to lead and live a life without the constant chatter of the egoic mind. I am beyond grateful and cannot wait to share this with other human beings so we can help all lead and live a life of joy, peace, stillness, and connection.”

“Comprehensiveness! It truly does feel like the culmination of a life’s work, Dr. Mark. Extremely well presented by any measure. Considering the subtleties, however, it’s a remarkable accomplishment. Efficiently packaged, easily transferable into session work, and directly applicable to supporting my Clients’ growth. Much appreciated!”

“This training course is truly life-changing. Contains many helpful practices and exercises that — if applied and engaged in — helps you with time and patience to tune into a deep sense of freedom, clarity and allowing of uncomfortable experiences to start flowing and eventually be processed and released. The exercises and practices are presented in videos and audios taught by Dr. Mark — and learning from him with his level of Presence so often changed my level of Presence as well for the better. Dr. Mark managed to get me shifted on all the live calls — even on the calls where this seemed “impossible” to me because of challenging life circumstances/situations. His Presence and caring made the shifts possible. Sometimes I shifted quickly. Other times it took longer — but nonetheless, the common denominator for all the live calls were that they ended up shifting me to a more easeful state embedded with freedom and acceptance. Thank you! The best part — I learn to hold the space to share this with others as well having engaged in it and lived the freedom myself. I highly recommend this training for anyone interested in the deeper dive into human existence, experiences and creative unfolding. The work done here rewarded me with much greater performance and overall well-being in life.”

“This was everything I’d been waiting for in a course — the “click” to help my Clients get out of survival mode and a gateway to my own optimal growth. It goes deep with content, practices and resources. And learning from Dr. Mark is an experience like no other. I was able to start introducing the concepts and practices into my Client sessions within a few weeks. What a game changer — I’m so thankful.”

“The Psychological Fitness Specialist training program masterfully provides rich content, practices, and live teachings with materials to support my Clients on their journey to freedom. I also grew to new depths as I effortlessly followed the path set forth by the PFS program and Dr. Mark Atkinson.”

“I can’t say enough about Dr. Mark and his mission. He has a vulnerability that boosts my confidence and belief in myself. His teachings really work and I love how he always says, it’s not for you to believe but for you to experience for yourself. I want to share his training with everyone because it works!!”

“My experience with the Psychological Fitness Specialist training program was truly transformational. Dr. Mark effectively guides you through practices and exercises that are easy to implement and can evoke powerful responses from within. The training program has helped me shift to aware Presence and view life from a different perspective. I am grateful to Mark and the HPI team for providing such an amazing mind-optimization course, and I will continue to live the practices and share what I have learned with my Clients, family, and friends!”

“If you want to experience who you are, who YOU really are, and that clear, intimate relationship that the person you experience as you have with this Unlimited Field of Potential, look no further…No esoteric decorations, No false shines and prizes of elevation, just a straight line between you and YOURSELF. The Bonus? you get to become a catalizer for others to meet THEMSELVES.”

“I highly recommend this course for anyone who is interested in a rare to find, comprehensive, effective and systematically intimate approach to optimising the health & performance of their mind, body, spirit whilst journeying a pathway that potentiates an ever clearer, lighter level of consciousness and Life. Dr Mark’s delivery is authentic, strong, gentle and enjoyable. His communication felt richly infused with effortless awareness and Presence throughout the duration of the live calls and presentations. The course content was very well constructed and the delivery platform was really user-friendly making for easy to follow participation and progression. But as Dr. Mark would say, “That’s not for you to believe, that’s for you to experience.”

“This course transformed my perception. After completing the course while engaging with practices provided it feels like reality has been truly uncovered from the veil of ego. Simply put I’m more responsive with people all around me which has helped tremendously in my workplace and my relationship. I am living from greater integrity where I’m finding more and more space to do things that really matter the most. Massive thank you for creating this content.”

“Dr. Mark is an amazing insightful teacher who can take you deeper into knowing yourself than anyone else I’ve experienced.”

“Dr. Mark has helped me experience insights about my internal emotional state in a way that I didn’t know was possible. The course gave me fresh perspectives and the language to better help my Clients discover a renewed sense of reality, a reality of ease, spaciousness, and freedom.

“Quite unexpectedly, I discovered here nothing less than what life is about.”

The Master key to Psychological Fitness

The One Thing Every Human Being Should Know. Download the FREE PDF.

When you join our training you will receive:



illuminating insights and practical teachings

Live skills training

Live skills training

with experienced Psychological Fitness Teachers



summary of core teachings, plus video transcripts



these are the secret to Psychological Fitness



be supported by others during your process



of access to the entire program


How much is the training course?

The price of the complete Psychological Fitness Specialist Training program is $1997 USD.

However, if you sign-up for the waitlist, we will send you an email with a coupon code to secure $1000 off — if you are one of the first 125 people to enroll!

How long is the training course?

The Psychological Fitness Specialist training course lasts eight weeks. It commences Monday, Sept 28 and finishes Monday, Nov 23, 2020. 

When are the live calls?

The live calls are conducted by experienced psychological fitness teachers and Dr Mark over eight sessions via zoom.  The 75 minute live calls take place via Zoom teleconferencing on the following Fridays:

  • Live call 1 (Dr Mark): Friday Oct 2, 8 am PT / 11 am ET / 4 pm GMT
  • Live call 2 (Psych Fit Teachers): Friday Oct 9, 8 am PT / 11 am ET / 4 pm GMT
  • Live call 3 (Psych Fit Teachers): Friday Oct 16 8 am PT / 11 am ET / 4 pm GMT
  • Live Call 4 (Psych Fit Teachers): Friday Oct 23, 8 am PT / 11 am ET / 4pm GMT
  • Live Call 5 (Psych Fit Teachers): Friday Oct 30, 8 am PT / 11 am ET / 4 pm GMT
  • Live Call 6 (Psych Fit Teachers): Friday Nov 6, 8 am PT / 11 am ET / 4 pm GMT
  • Live Call 7 (Dr Mark): Friday Nov 13, 8 am PT / 11 am ET / 4 pm GMT
  • Live Call 8 (Dr Mark): Friday Nov 20, 8 am PT / 11 am ET / 4 pm GMT

If you are unable to make the live calls, no problems, you will be able to access the recordings on the course training website. You will have to submit a missed call form at the end of the training in order to graduate.

If I can't attend the live call what can I do?

If you can’t attend the live call in person, and intend to become a Certified Psychological Fitness Specialist you will need to listen to the recording and complete a Call Summary form that you will submit at the end of the course.

How do I access the course?

After enrollment, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access your course via our online learning center. It is simple and very easy to navigate. Psychological Fitness training can be accessed on any device. You will also be provided with a link to the private student Facebook group. You can connect with your fellow learners right away!

How long will it take me to complete each week?

The time commitment will vary weekly. We suggest prioritizing at least 45 minutes each day for the practices and exercises that we will teach you, 1 hour a week for the live training call and 1.5 to 3 hours each week for watching the training videos and reading the materials.


Do I qualify to take this program?

Anyone can take the training but only those with a professional credential (such as a Coach, therapist, consultant, health/fitness professional, yoga instructor, personal trainer, NLP practitioner, educator or trainer) will be recognized as a Certified Psychological Fitness Specialist. If you are unsure as to whether your training is suitable, send us an email and we will get back to you.

How do I become Certified?

To become a Certified Psychological Fitness Specialist the following criteria must be met:

  • Watch/listen/review all of the course material in the online learning center and complete all of the exercises.
  • Sincerely apply and integrate the Be Unlimited practices into your daily life.
  • Use the Effortless Awareness Practice throughout the day and engage with the Be Unlimited daily meditation practice (15 or 45 minutes) on most days (at least 5 out of 7 days/week).
  • Attend all 8 live calls (for the entire duration of that call). If you can’t attend a call, you will need to listen to the recording and then complete a Call Summary form. This should be submitted at the end of the training.
  • Complete the reflection process for each module.
  • Complete and sign a code of ethics form and a self-declaration form confirming you have a suitable professional vehicle (such as Coach, mentor, therapist, health professional, etc.) and professional indemnity insurance. If you don’t have insurance we can advise you how to get it.
  • Complete all of the above by December 14 2020.
  • If you submit everything that is required, we will email you a certificate of completion and a Certified Psychological Fitness Specialist logo for use on your website and within your marketing materials.

How does the program differ from Be Unlimited?

If you have completed Be Unlimited previously, then you are going to love the Psychological Fitness Specialist Training program.  Whilst the core part of the content (weeks 2 to 6) will of course be familiar to you, this time around the focus is on you developing mastery of the Be Unlimited practices and learning how to systematically teach these to Clients and guide them through a comprehensive program of mind training and optimization. Additionally, you will be taught how to build earn money facilitating this transformational work.

How long do I have access to the course for?

Upon enrollment you will be able to access the training course for 120 days.

How do I get listed on your website?

If you successfully submit everything that is required to achieve the status of Certified Psychological Fitness Specialist, we will provide you with the opportunity to promote yourself on our Find-A-Specialist page. This is a great way for potential Clients to find you!

What is the annual renewal fee?

You will need to renew your status each calendar year after graduating. This process involves completing a self-declaration form and submitting a payment of $150. Further details will be provided in the training course. Successful renewal will enable you to promote yourself as a Certified Psychological Fitness Specialist for an additional year and remain on our Find-a-Specialist page.

Tell me more about the teacher training program

The Psychological Fitness Specialist training program teaches you how to help individuals become psychologically fit. Our teacher training program teaches you how to help groups of people become psychologically fit – and how to build a business around that.

The teacher training program is 10-weeks in duration and commences January 15th, 2021.

More details will be made available as you progress through the specialist training.

What is the refund policy?

The training program is non-refundable. Should you wish to transfer to the next training cohort, this can be arranged for an administrative fee of $50.

How many CPD units does this program provide?

Completion of the entire Psychological Fitness Specialist training course provides 30 CPD units for other professionals. It is your responsibility to find out whether these units meet the requirements of the professional body to which you belong. The Psychological Fitness Academy is an accredited provider of Continuing Professional Development (CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21478).

The Psychological Fitness Specialist training course is a remarkable journey into the full potential of the interconnected Optimal Mind.

If you live what you learn, it will change the lives of you and your Clients.

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