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When it comes to training your managers who can you trust? Making the wrong decision leads to the loss of valuable time (and money) and unrealised outcomes.

Psychological Fitness International specialises in working with companies to enhance the wellbeing and performance of their managers.

For example, we provided the psychological fitness practices and principles to help power The Google Cloud Way of Sales Coaching program. This focused on inspiring their sales leaders to master their Inner & Outer game, hack flow and develop the full potential and performance of their teams.

In August 2021 this program received two Gold Medals at the Brandon Hall HCM Excellence Awards!

🥇Best Unique or Innovative Leadership program.

🥇 Best Advance in Coaching & Mentoring.

“The best transformative course I have ever taken ! Understanding and accepting my Inner Game first and then challenging my habits as a leader.”

Sales Director | Google Cloud (LATAM)

“This is a master course in not only how to teach, but how to learn, to work with your thoughts and emotions instead of fighting or denying them. I highly recommend this to anyone, Coach or not, who wants to free themselves and break through to a new level of both consciousness and living.”

Psychological Fitness Specialist Graduate

"The Inner Game - Amazing Training ! #ThanksGoogle" "It is amazing the positive inception of the class and the strength of the exercises that it provides! #ThanksGoogle"

Sales Directors - Google Cloud

“To say that the tools learned in this course are helpful is honestly an incredible understatement. They are radically life changing. In fact, prior to the psychological fitness training course, I was only partially living life. Now I am experiencing life from an amazingly beautiful and peaceful place called, presence. Thank you so much, I am forever changed and inspired to lead others to the land of true living!!”

Psychological Fitness Specialist Graduate

"It's unbelievable how fast you can enter a meditation state with the tools learned during the sessions. I've been using those methods while communicating with my business partners, my spouse and even with my child. It leveraged my mindstate to whole new level. Fastest results ever!"

Sylwia Regulska Güney | CEO at


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